Health & Safety


Unitelworks Wireless Solution Pvt. Ltd. is operating and specializing in Occupational Health & Safety for workers and employers at workplaces. We provide expert advisory services and we also offer a wide range of skills programme training in the field of health and safety.

Rules are only effective if people follow them. This is why we take monitoring and enforcement seriously. We work hard to ensure everyone who works with us understands and complies with our Absolute Rules.

Employees who fail to do this face disciplinary action, which can lead to dismissal. Our absolute focus on compliance, and on the consequences of non-compliance, is widely recognised across our businesses.


Unitelworks Wireless Solution Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HS&W) team oversees health and safety management. The team reports to the Human Resources Director, who is a member of the Executive Committee and reports directly to the Chief Executive.

Unitelworks Wireless Solution HS&W team provides specialist support for safety leaders in our local market businesses. They collaborate through a mutually supportive network, sharing best practice and knowledge, and work closely with other Group Technology and Procurement functions.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting on our safety performance is essential to ensure the safety of everyone working with us – our employees, our contractors and suppliers, and their own employees and contractors. It also helps us to focus on and address risks that are inherent to our industry.

We want our own teams, our suppliers, our stakeholders and others in our industry to learn from the performance data we share. In the case of fatalities, we set a wide boundary for our in-scope reporting.