Reduced churn, improved ROI and increased planning efficiency are just a few of the reasons why more operators choose Unitelworks, the latest planning and optimisation tool, than any other product on the market.

Unitelworks can provide the wireless technology you need to take advantage of many valuable applications. A Unitelworks Business Review begins by investigating your current processes and applications and applying wireless expertise to increase your productivity, eliminate waste, keep customers happy, and increase your bottom line.

Unitelworks enables planning and management of both fixed and mobile WiFi network, with a number of upgrades and functional features added to version last version. Unitelworks continues to support the 802.11 standards, while Unitelworks now features the functionality to plan both fixed and mobile WiFi networks, and is fully compliant with the 802 latest standards.



We deliver in-building RF coverage solutions and consolidated emergency communication systems that meet the real-time, fail-safe needs of first responders, public safety agencies and jurisdictions.

Through a comprehensive and repeatable process we create a roadmap toward the successful implementation and future growth of the network as a whole. Beyond typical wireless hardware placement and configuration items our process also includes future maintenance concerns, network and closet capacity, bandwidth requirements, application requirements, existing infrastructure, and future growth and expansion plans.

Our wireless network design services include: wireless network site survey and design, cabling infrastructure site survey and design, conduit/cable tray site survey and design, and closet/cabinet site survey and design.


Let us handle all the challenges faced by you to increase the quality of service never experienced before


To increase the quality of service, Unitelworks, a complete radio planning and optimization solution, with a different approach to model complex networks become more and more crucial in needs to be taken into consideration. As best as the network can be planned and optimised, as sooner that operators can gain and retain subscribers.
Voice and data mobile services continue to evolve, and it is imperative that operators offer customers the latest technologies in a bid to minimise churn and improve customer satisfaction.


Get the solution for all the problems that comes your way


Unitelworks incorporates network deployment functions for WiFi applications. It integrates new design and coverage analysis functions in order to perform any network design of outdoor WiFi and provides solution for the following:

  • Geographical usage areas
  • Mobility requirements
  • Throughput needs
  • Security enforcements

Wireless performance management:

  • Places tools on your network that look at the end-to-end performance in your network
  • Pinpoint problems that are causing issues
  • Evaluate the entire network rather than separating the wired from the wireless network

Wireless network managed services:

  • Cost-efficient, expert management services for a scalable wireless network
  • Flexible services that can be customized for your environment
  • Monitor security protocol
  • Monitor system performance
  • Set up guest networks