A hospitality marketplace platform built with React and laravel.

The app had to be functional for both hoteliers managing inventory and suppliers providing the platform with their data. Moreover, it had to be ready for future iterations and new features,


Scope and Highlights







The Challenge

It is an innovative marketplace platform founded in 2018 in the UK to fill the gap in online access to premium tickets and hospitality package for sport, music and cultural events. The client needed to receive the basic product as fast as possible to be the first company to introduce such a product to the market. From the developer perspective, the biggest challenge was to build an MVP on short order and make sure that even large-volumes of traffic gets handled gracefully

  • Meeting a tight deadline of MVP release to help the company get to market.
  • Supporting huge traffic volumes, especially during periods of peak ticket sales
  • Implementing a bevy of B2C and B2B selling tools
  • Developing an inventory management suite that includes stocktaking, delivery check-ins, and stock take out functionalities

The Process

Over the course of an intensive three-day workshop, we evaluated some of the client’s initial assumptions and established the project scope. A marketplace app like Seat Unique required some battle-tested frameworks, so we went with React, laravel, and PostgreSQL. We decided to marry them to Elixir Phoenix for the ticket selling part to ensure quick and efficient traffic management. This tech stack enabled smooth implementation of one of the most important milestones—the seller tool (written entirely using React): the B2B portion of the platform allowing rights holders to sell premium ticket and hospitality packages directly.

  • React Native, Laravel , PostgreSQL, and Redis for development.
  • Adding Elixir Phoenix to the stack for the ticket selling portion of the platform.
  • Embracing constant communication and fostering a collaborative relationship between Monterail and Seat Unique