With the ever growing telecommunication network in India growing in an exponentially fast paced scenario, the planning, installation and maintenance of telecommunication network equipment has become the major benchmark for seamless and fast connectivity for telecom corporations with operations now going deep into rural India as well as A and B class cities.

We understand that to build and maintain these vast resourse of network equipment telecom companies need a professional and experienced partner to club hands with to speed up there infrastructure development plans and to reach far flung customers.

This is where we come in with our deep understanding and knowledge of telecom management and project implementation across the board. provides services related to the deployment, operation and maintenance of telecommunication networks to telephone operators, telecommunications infrastructure managers, equipment manufacturers, large engineering companies and public bodies.



We offer On Roll and Off Role employment modes to our clients with competitive service fee structures with a Pan India presence to tap the best telecom talent.

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We will give you assure 20 % placement for every batch after completion of 6 weeks/Month training period of on/off site.raining refers to a systematic setup where employees are instructed and taught matters of technical knowledge related to their jobs.

We undertake specilised turnkey projects in the fields of Telecom including Installation, Staffing, Day to Day running and Logistics and the Hospatality Sector including construction, material purchase, labour and Staffing and payroll solutions.Our recruitment operations are supported by a strong back office of dedicated support staff that are committed to providing timely and accurate payment and invoicing, managing information flow and overseeing compliance on all projects.

Specialized process in Payrolling on Off roll and On Roll mode, Recruitment Drives, Outstation lineups, Interview conducting and replacements..

We also offer full agency management, vendor-on premise, managed services, search and selection and payroll management services, plus powerful web-based e-recruitment tools to help identify and attract the best available candidates.