Unitelworks that improves health management, benefits awareness and enrollment by connecting insurance companies, providers and employers with members.

Today engagement between businesses, insurance providers and member employees is critical to well-being but traditional methods are ineffective. Hospital Management System, a population health management and communication platform provider, conceived an approach to empower members to know more and manage their health through mHealth..


Hospital Management System partnered with Unitelworks to create a rich mobile experience allowing access for secure communications

lifestyle management, digital coaching and benefits management.


iOS, Android Apps

with Admin Portal

After providing technical guidance around Hospital Management System design and vision, we built an administration portal along with Android and iOS apps designed to support their client’s efforts to connect with and encourage members to engage in preventive health practices and provide more transparency into benefits information.

Hospital Management System administrative portal + configurable apps = better member engagement, communication and health.


Engage Members, Increase Wellness

Hospital Management System solutions allow employers, benefits companies and health plans the ability to curate and deliver the content users seek. With Hospital Management System platform, clients can reach nearly 100% of their population.

Through push notifications, banner ads, SMS or email, their technology supports all levels of communication. Key stakeholders can run a variety of campaigns from marketing new services to alerting users about enrollment periods or wellness testing dates.



Encourage Support for

Healthy Habits


Sometimes the hardest part of getting or staying healthy is finding the willpower to set goals and maintain momentum. Within the mobile app, members answer a short series of assessment questions to determine their health risks, set goals and monitor progress. Hospital Management System digital coach automatically promotes well-being through gentle guidance, education and feedback.Hospital Management System robust tracking capabilities, fully integrated with connected devices, make it easier to stay on target.

Get to Know Members Through Analytics

Through the administrative portal, clients access dynamic information about user behaviors, mobile activities, benefit information-seeking, as well as many others, and transform that information into insights and ultimately, actionable interventions.

Hospital Management System data analytics and reporting capabilities allow clients to evaluate user information, generate reports and drive population-based interventions, as well as evaluate program effectiveness.

Chart a Roadmap for Business and Development Objectives

Hospital Management System designed tools to enable enhanced connection, engagement and interaction between insurers, providers and employers and their members. They understood their mission. And we knew ours: To serve as strategic technology advisors. We implemented monthly roadmap definition and alignment sessions to align on the development planned for each new release, refine scope as needed and ensure business viability was trending upward along the way

Our comprehensive process included:

  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Business analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Roadmapping and feature prioritization.